JUNE 2021

VMy graduation project involved the creation of a sex education archival website, through various collaborations of a web developer, illustrator and various stakeholder groups gathering their insights and needs towards the platform.

Pillow Talks is a digital platform that has innovated a remote method of delivery for sex education, ensuring that the health of young people is not overlooked during the preventive measures against the COVID-19 pandemic. We strive for innovative methods to grant students the education the rightfully deserve, by providing a feminist approach to the education of sexual thematics by offering inclusive content from a sex and pleasure positive angle. Considering consent and radical self-love as crucial aspects to celebrate all bodies and sexualities. Pillow Talks is a comfortable and soft safe space where students can find a variety of sex educatio material all in one place, through the eyes of professionals and young adult experiences. We hope to create a much more engaged, contextually sensitive and relatable approach, where students to not feel ashamed nor judged about wanting to discover these matters. Who perhaps feel like they can not talk about these topics with their parents and/or are not receiving sufficient information from their schools. We consider that the call for inclusive sex education is more urgent than ever, even more so as students navigate through a daily ocean of online activities.

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