I am Valentina Calvar, a Graphic Designer of Argentinian and Italian nationality. I have achieved a BA in Graphic Design with a minor in Cultural diversity at the Willem de Kooning Academy, in Rotterdam. Shortly, I will begin my Master’s degree in Branding at Elisava University School of Design and Engingeering, in Barcelona.  

Striving towards the field of Activist Branding to support NGOs, communities, or organisations with a social purpose to advocate for a particular narrative cause. I see myself as a bridge, where I take on the role of a visual translator and communicator between the organization and audience. Addressing issues related to the youth community through an impactful and influential presence. I carry this forward by making use of visual journalistic methodologies, such as applying conducted research to a convincing and effective narrative of a brand image and its accompanying visual forms and concepts. 

I value a work flow which involves collaborating with other disciplines, as I believe it to be important to carry an accepting and open-minded mentality when raising awareness of social causes. Having spent the majority of my life living abroad, allowed me to gain various cultural experiences and uphold an open-minded attitude, which is reflected within my designs.


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